It is no surprising why there will come a time when the engine of your car will experience wear and tear since that is something that is very normal to happen to all car engines due to friction. And although it is true that there are cars out there that is capable of giving you the so-called "endless ride" that you want to have as it has the ability of providing you several hundred thousand miles of driving that is care-free and bound by nothing, with only minimal maintenance, there are also cars out there that can be riddles with problems from the very first day that you have drove them off the lot. Regardless of whether your car is still brand new or as old as time, basic car maintenance such as the regular changing of oil as well as the replacement of air filter, will certainly add years to the life of your car's engine.


When it comes to basic car maintenance, it is said that the most essential aspect of it is the regular changing of oil. The reason behind why it is very important for cars to change its oil regularly is due to the fact it will keep the engine clean and tidy, which causes it to function as perfectly as the day you have bought it. You need to know that when the oil and the oil filter of a car engine was not changed on a regular basis, this will actually result to the excessive wear and tear since the oil will increasingly become dirtier and will lose its lubricity. This will also cause the oil to become sticky and abrasive. And if it so happen that the oil was left unchecked, the dirty oil will cease to lubricate and eventually lead to the failure of the engine to operate. If you are planning on changing your oil, the best option that you can choose when it comes to this is to visit and oil change service center and have their experts to the deed. If you visit a oil change service center that is known for being reputable, you will be given a free inspection of your car's  engine since that is part of their service such as the inspection of the air filters, the level of fluid, cheap car battery, wipers, tires and of course, the changing of oil and oil filters.



Aside from changing your oil and oil filter, another very important aspect of the basic car maintenance is the replacement of engine air filters. The air filter that is intended for engines are made for the purpose of preventing dusts, debris, and other contaminants that are airborne from entering your engine and causing it some damage, which may lead to a much bigger problem. If you neglect to change the air filter of your engine, it will definitely cause the clogging as it is already been filled with the presence of dirt, dusts and other contaminants, which will lead to the significant reduction of the flow of air into the combustion chambers. Hence, you really need to make sure that you are regularly changing your air filters. Here are also some of the best car wash and wax soap to shop.